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my week in review


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I missed one pic. this field got reseeded and the rocks picked while I was waiting for the hay to cure. borrowed the neighbors field roller its a old anhydrous tank that I half filled with water made a nice finish in the field , rides nice at 8mph in the tractor cab !


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Ken thanks for a pic out your back door and not a pic of your back door!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana: I think I would feel like a rat in a maze having that much corn around. Wimmin? every so often one will go by on the county rd. but not to many photogenic ones!

Mrsmackpaul I just got the baler a year ago june, have put over 3000 bales thru it no problems, and was 8000 cheaper than a deere.

Tim Krones have just started showing up in wa. state in the last couple of years , I don't even know who the dealer is, might have to do some home work! yes my ground is basically flat but rocky as hell ! I think I would trade the rocks for slopes.

Tom no its a 6cyl. 1135 the v8 is a 1155.

thanks all for the comments, time for me to get out and change water and haul hay. Yardo in 2 weeks I start apple harvest will see how you do with that! :tease:

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The County and local government in Suffolk County are legislating farms out, with water useage limits and cutting Nitrate content to 2% and dust particle laws. We can't sell our family farm and can't redo the soil damage from 2 1/2 feet of salt water from Sandy. So I've been growing AC MACKS and MOPARS. We'll end up leasing most all of it to a solar energy company and grow electrons. That wil pay the taxes plus a little and we can keep it and move to Va. Paul


 “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’


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thanks again for the comments! 41 Chev: makes you wonder if all these guys are this dumb,( as long as we have grocery stores we have food ) no need for farms! all I can say is may they be the first to starve!

Vlad: When I get a chance I want to head for the hills and get some pics to post, the fall will give some beautiful opportunity's to show off the area where I live and I need to post pictures of REAL mountains none of this little hump there bigger hump here stuff.

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