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Hello all, just joined up.


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Just wanted to say hello, i`m from ohio and like old Mack trucks, don`t have one yet but looking and never realized there were so many different models and sizes. My favorite has always been the L & ljs because of the ones I was around but after snooping around the computer I like EE and A20 and B20s. I want to get a smaller one to put my rollback bed on to haul my old stuff on and the A20s and B20s look like they`d be good for that.


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Hello Welcome Enjoy this site look at all there is . I do have a 1953 model A 4751001 MACK Fire Pumper look up my pics and this truck is just 7 Feet high with the tire low on air pressure so when I replaced brake cyl. and seals Ihad this truck in a car bay .this truck is FOR SALE


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Do you have anything Mack related?Like a Mack cap, key ring, tee shirt, model,etc, etc.?


But if not, we still welcome those that like Winfall Wimmin


Hi Mike, I have a cap,a belt buckle,and gold hood ornament I used to have on an old chevy truck. Right now I have 3 Dodge Power Wagons,a 69 Dodge Dart,an 87 Chevy rollback,a HD Fatboy, and my old 42 Willys gasser that i`m freshening the engine in right now. Sorry for the late reply but I only have a computer at work.


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Dodge Power Wagons and Dodge Dart are close enough for me...welcome to ______ (I am at a loss of words to describe this "illustrious" group.)

Ken, it sounds like a fun group, if you like messing with old trucks you can`t be that bad.

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