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  1. Is there a place where most shop for resto parts? I've found Watts and Roser so far, is that it? Mostly looking for B model small parts.
  2. Looks like you got a nice paintjob!! Also nice that you got Mack stuff for Christmas instead of neckties.
  3. I vote for the aqua, seem to be a lot of red or green macks.
  4. Love it, I can see me driving this to the cruise ins !!!
  5. I still have a Buddy L dump truck that looks just like that.
  6. Does anybody remember Humes Transfer in Steubenville Ohio? My uncle Bob used to drive for them when I was little, he always talked about the old Mack Ls and LJs, I can`t seem to find any pics online but I remember the trucks were yellow and black. Also Weldon trucking in Mingo Jct. Ohio had some L dump trucks. But my favorite L was owned by a neighbor named Baker in Mingo Jct, red with black fenders and an aluminum sleeper added on after a coil came loose and rolled forward. I really liked this truck as I was getting old enough to drive he would let me help paint the wheels and then he would make music by pushing the brakes and tugging on the horn making all kinds of sounds. He always said he had the fastest truck around, I sure miss seeing that truck. Don
  7. Mike, I only found a couple pics of my 6x6 so far so I took a picture of a picture, I hope they came out in my album, it was in the 80s when I had it. I put a couple dart engine pics in there too. Don
  8. Sorry, I only know how to take off throttle bodies and add carbs.
  9. Ken, I just added some pics.
  10. Thanks Ken, i`ll get some engine pics tonite, I just grabbed these pics off the net real quick. The sixpacks seem to work real nice in the trucks, I get about 12-13 mpg running around on the center 350 cfm carb and if I romp on it the two 500 cfm end carbs come in smooth and away I go, I get some funny looks on the highway when I cruise past folks in a 1 ton flatbed like nothing, LOL!! Now if I could find one of those Mack trucks that had the 413 Chrysler in it I could build a nice BIG INCH dodge/Mack. Don Don
  11. Thanks, I always wanted a lil red but never had the money when I found one so I made one out of this truck. I think the real lil reds in 1978 were the fastest production vehicles that year (a hopped up 360 auto ). What I was gonna build out of this truck was a mini tractor with a sleeper cab and a tandem rear with duals. I used to have a WWII dodge 1 1/2 6x6 and I put a regular cab on it and duals. Don
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