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God speaks to us in mysterious ways

james j neiweem

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I have been a Mack nut (enthusiest) ever since a young lad of about 10. Recently our family underwent a tradgedy as our son Ben of 24 years of age passed away in Alaska. We took some of the flowers from the service and set them out in a tidal river. Two days later some of the flowers showed up back at our dock with a Rosary entwined. Before the service my wife, daughters and myself picked out a grave site on a hill in the local cemetary near the cemetary flagpole. After looking at several sights we picked out this one. A few days after the service my wife and I were tending to the grave sight flowers and such. I took a short walk and three stones away to the north was a stone with Mack chiseled in the pink granite. Needless to say my wife and I were astonished. About three days later we were again at Ben's grave and again I took a walk around. This time two stones to the east was another Mack gravestone in grey granite directly in line with Bens. Only God could have know ahead of time where my son would lie. God speaks to us in various ways. Pretty awsome and amazing God.

James Neiweem

wow,,,excellent,,,ive also seen similar situations myself,,,sorry to hear about your loss,,,,thats not fair,,,but im sure he,s in allot better place...bob

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I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I do not know what faith you are, but embrace your faith. this will help you get through this tragedy. being catholic, the rosary has helped our family many tragic events. I can speak for my self and ernie d. (bullhusk) that prayer is very powerful. your family will be in our family rosary at night.


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We the unwilling, Lead by the unqualified, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.

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