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  1. I have right hood. A left fender for steel nose dm800. Repair manuals,bearings,tach.. 6 speed mud stick trans.. a lot of other miscellaneous stuff.. 973- 789-1471 joe. Or email. Joeyk3d@hotmail.com
  2. I got some I can part with
  3. did I see you in Hackensack sat night??
  4. I hear ya rob.. And I do agree.. Times have changed.. I take regular pay over none though.. I ll accept it and jus work accordingly !! Lol
  5. I Agee.. Snow is big money.. More than average.. I guess with hauling its average rates..
  6. Alright that's great news!! Go get that money!!
  7. In my opinion there are many streets that need removal in all towns.
  8. I'm sittin home.. Not complaining.. I'm so exhausted!!yet I would rather be workin.
  9. If the gerbal stays home the airwaves will be quiet.
  10. we going to mt Holley exit 5?? Njtp?? 4am start !!
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