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Is 360HP all that is Needed

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Knowing many of you have this information right off the top of your head, or have operated a Mack like this, I need to know if it work for me. 2007 Vision, 360 HP, 3.55 gears, 350K miles, and looks good. Needing to add a truck to haul a 35000 lb piece of equipment, tot fight wildfires, only about 12000 miles a year. First larger truck in the business.

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your in Colorado you'll probably be shifting alittle more then the bigger horses but 12k a year i'd run it. Just learn it's sweet spot for pulling, if it does not have them get a boost gauge,and pyrometer. You'll know when you have a problem when your boost runs lower and pyro runs hotter then normal and when your lugging it, If you don't already know.

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Hmm, with an auto shift transmission it should do ok, you won't be king of the hill for sure but with the limited mileage it seems like a waste of money to buy more truck.

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Guys used to haul much bigger loads with a lot less HP...what's the problem? It CAN be done. 3.55 gears might mean more downshifting to get up. The hills, but in an automatic that won't require any extra effort from the driver. It'll be slow going on the longer grades...and the 600HP large cars will blow your doors off...but 360HP will be more than enough to get the job done.

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