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  1. Let’s not forget a NH 250 did not have piston coolers. The Super 250 has piston coolers and could be built to a 420 easy enough
  2. Could somebody refresh me on how to do a flash code on my 1998 CH613 ? Its been so long since I had a problem I've forgotten how to code it. Problem is the engine spins fine with starter but does not crank & run. It will crank right up and run fine with a push start
  3. Finally had a minute to check it out. Connections good, ECM good, ECM fuse good but still no start. Took wires off and cleaned the in dash selonoid and fuse panel connections and it starts like new again. I'm a happy camper again.
  4. Okay thanks guys I had to make a round with another truck and haven't got back to my problem child yet. I was thinking it has to be something with the ECM so I'll take your advice and check the fuse and module. If that doesn't work I'll carry the ECM to the hospital to get it checked.
  5. I have a 1998 CH w/350 in it that spins over good but won't start. Has plenty of supply fuel pressure but nothing going to injectors from pump. It ran fine into wash bay but after its bath it don't want to go. I've cleaned all wiring harness junctions and cleaned engine to rail ground strap but its a no go. Is there a fuel shut off selonoid or relay somewhere I'm missing? Could something have gotten wet in the electrical system? This is the first time in 1.7 million miles she's failed to go.
  6. I had the same prob. Installed new kingpins didn't help. 3 point alignment didn't help. Rotated tires no help.
  7. 5 or 6 years ago the wiring harness had corroded at the panel plug in. Snapped it apart squirted with PB Blaster. plugged it back in and no more trouble.
  8. my vision was constantly doing the seat belt buzzer thing. I took the cluster harness apart and spray cleaned the terminals with brake clean and then sprayed the connectors with marine anti-corrosion oil spray and haven't had the problem for 2 years now
  9. me too. I'm still running 2 trucks with 350 in them grossing out 78-79000 and the drivers are tickled to death.
  10. macpro I'm glad to hear everything is going good. When I got back on the computer after a few years and didn't see you guys I was a bit concerned. I always took note when you were guiding bigen and myself along after we bought our Macks and there's no telling how much down time and $$$ your knowledge has saved me through the years. Thanks for the help. I'm still running the Vision and it's been pain free for about the last 750,000 miles now but until I found you guys I thought I had bought a lemon. Retire ?? What's that ?? These boys ask me when I'm gonna retire and I tellum I'll retire
  11. If there's no exhaust manifold leak it sounds more like a head gasket to me. Does it make a chirping noise when you take off from dead stopped??
  12. Good point JTF but I never had any problem at all getting sand out. Just a couple of shots with and air nozzle and its clean except for a tad of dust sometimes. I use the steam cleaner for the final touch so the the tank dries itself then it's ready to go.
  13. I never tried pebbles. I use a sack of playground sand and spin it like you describe works really good. The trick is to let it turn slow and don't get in a hurry.
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