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  1. You can try OTR performance see if they have anything. Just did my 07 aset with them.
  2. I am wondering about the pulling power of a 275hp e7 vs a cummins m11 330hp. I understand the older Macks had more power than their counter parts did with more hp.
  3. Check out OTR Performance. Just a block plate will throw a code and go in derate. Are you sure its a mp7 not an aset?
  4. Looks like that hood will bolt right up to an axle back ch.
  5. Does anyone know if a wiggle stick can be put in an Eaton auto shift trans easy. I am looking at an 01 and they say it has an electric issue with the trans. I can see the truck has a clutch so I thought a stick could be swapped in easily.
  6. I just installed the performance module yesterday and I did notice a difference today. Only used it for 1 day so far so I dont have any fuel millage results yet and no dyno test but it did have more power, not a ton but was there. I will post millage results when I have them
  7. Thanks for the update Iv'e been following this like it's my own. I think That 5" exhaust will make a big difference, get every thing flowing better. 2 questions thou ,why not build the exhaust yourself seams like it would be easy cut up a few elbows and some straight pipe and weld them back together the way you want them. And second this is the stock cam still right.
  8. Pretty close but just a bit louder. If a truck with one passed you you would think it's stock. When I installed mine I had some other exhaust leaks that I fixed at the same time and the truck was quieter. When I put a stock one back on I didn't notice any difference.
  9. With the wider frame hinges may not line up either. If its the right length and the wheels line up then hinges and tow hooks are fairly easy to custom make.
  10. Road salts are heaver on the passenger side of the road due to the crown in the road. The right side will usually always have more corrosion then the left so I would start with checking spring hangers and all of the mounting points on the right side. You did say it's a dump so the box could be off giving the illusion that the whole truck is leaning as well.
  11. My first thought was EGR cooler as well. Seems to be the weakest point. Check for traces of coolant in the mass flow tube.
  12. Yeah I think its too long. That would be in CL with a longer hood not a CH.
  13. Any updates on how this truck is doing fuel/power wise? Also a thought with the cam, can a machine shop grind and polish down the extra bump to eliminate the egr? I realize it's still labor intensive but maybe save a little on the cam purchase.
  14. I have seen this one too and was considering it as my mass air flow tube was bad. If you get it before I do please report back as to your results. I am just waiting for work to pick back up before I purchase it. Been a little slow the last few weeks.
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