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  1. So I posted this about a year ago and still havent got an answer. Tried truckecmtunes and couldnt get an answer out of them. So far $19,700 has been forked out to the dealers fixing emissions BS since November and have two trucks about to go in again while we're in the middle of harvest. Why can you get an answer anywhere for Cat, Cummins, and Detroit but Mack and Vovlo are so hush-hush? Im about ready to find trucks with a different emblem on the front. Anyone have an answer if I can delete? PM me if need be. Thanks
  2. Yes, over all, the '11 has been alot better than the '08s.
  3. Hey everyone, long time lurker here just reading posts. After todays issues I figured I'd better post. Have 3 MP8s, 2 are '08s and 1 '11. They each get about 35-40k mIles a year Middle of harvest here and there's been one in the shop constantly. One gets fixed, another goes in. Got so bad I bought a CH off a local auction last week for a spare and it hasn't missed a day since. Somewhere north of $15k has been spent at the Mack dealer in the last month- every penny fixing emissions BS. My question is, is there ANYONE doing full deletes on these trucks like they can on the Big 3 engines?? Ones I've found run an emulator which isn't a route I care to go since the emissions system has to be in tact. These trucks are about to go on the end of the road with a for sale sign on them if they keep it up. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post on the open forum. Thanks a bunch.
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