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Coca Cola LJ Mack colors

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That’s the light Brown we matched with the photo gun at the DuPont store, from inside the glove compartment door and under the front brake control metal indicator, which was original paint,, it’s hard to tell with that photo I posted,, the sun was very bright. Thank you , I enjoy all replies, keeps me motivated. 

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It looks great thanks for the pics what did you do with the seam on the back of the cab just above the rear window that normally has a piece of aluminum trim over it ?

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Thank You, The seam is still there, just not as noticeable ,when  I replaced the cab back I put some filler around it just to seal it up good, I have got the trim, and have already pre drilled for it , hopefully I can get the top painted white in the next week or so and probably go ahead and install that and the lights. (  i was over your way Monday, hauling equipment with one of our Superliners to the new hospital ) 

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