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Looked at a truck yesterday

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Took a ride out of curiosity, I knew the truck didn’t have a title. Not the worst thing in the world, there’s ways to get one. Took a look at the right front frame rail, couldn’t find any tracings of a vin number. Are there any other spots on the frame that could have numbers??




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1 hour ago, Vladislav said:

Looks like a B-model chassis. The # could be stamped at the rear of a frame rail.

Yes, look back by the rear spring hanger(front axle), behind that brake air line.

Agree looks like B chassis.  Early turbo motor.

Look down by front of accy drive( lower pass side), below that fuel filter.  Should have stampings across the top that says END673T or the like.

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4 minutes ago, j hancock said:

Interesting.  I have never found the frame numbers on my B75 with L cab either.  It did come with the title and VIN plate.

Ok, so that may prove I’m not totally insane, bc I looked like crazy. Any other L cab owners that can chime in??

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Owner found the numbers in front of the rear spring hanger but super faint. Stamped B73Txxxx, so it’s a mutt truck. Wants 5k for it. I might be interested at 2500, but they export, so the chances of making a deal are slim. No title and I don’t want to take a gamble with the truck possibly being stolen after the deal is done

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