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Just bought it today

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Well done!


Didn't realize that BC Mack was selling the MH.

Great purchase, nice truck with a lot of work done.

We need to hear from BC Mack... There is more to this story, he was just posting the new air snorkel and talking of another turbo this past week.

What happened, BC Mack, we just gotta know????

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Well, it looks like the cat is already out of the bag... LOL

I was going to post the full story after it had gone.... but I have to concentrate on my primary project, the Greyhound Scenicruiser, and to do that I needed to reduce my other projects to release the time and money to do so.....

I floated an ad on Craigslist to see if there was any interest and while I did get a few offers this buyer was going to give it a good home in Hollywood North (Vancouver) where it will be used gently and has an enthusiastic new owner...

I'm also planning an early retirement from Transit next year and want to travel, as an ex airline retiree I get flights cheap so plan to use that.... the truck would have just sat in that building with a lot of old trains and I want to use my spare time to finish the Scenicruiser which has been a ten year project with another two to go....

in case you are worried, I'm not leaving the forum though my avatar will change... LOL

also, my parts truck has been sold and will benefit two bmt'ers so all in all I call it a positive outcome.

however, as I've said before, if the elusive Hayes with an F model cab crosses my path I may be tempted back to the truck restoration world..!!!!

I still have an airplane for sale if anyone in MN area wants an unusual garden ornament...

BC Mack

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What is the airplane, we move a lot of planes for different collectors, some private others are not. I can put it out there, Just took TBM Avenger from R.I to AZ. check out CAF Mesa AZ. (Commemorative Air force)

So far the US museums are turning it down, even for free, no "stars-bars" so not interested....

It's a British built former Belgian Air Force Percival Pembroke, been sitting at Anoka Muni, in Blaine MN since the 80's... I did get it running and taxied it but the costs involved to get airborne were too much for me when a partner bailed, so it just sits.

pass it around, maybe someone needs a garden gnome or a real size cockpit sim..... I do have the bomber glass nose for it. Maybe going on Barnstormers soon.

BC Mack

RM9 Belgium 1975 by Ken Swartz.JPG

RM9 at Anoka.JPG



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