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All/Mostly Mack fleets present

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Love those yellow Granites!!

ABF Freight is starting to sell off their older Sterlings, making them predominantly Mack, aside from a few FL Cascadias. Ulch Transport of St. Marys, ON is all Mack as far as I know. Sharkey Transportation is mostly Mack, aside from a few IH ProStars.

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There is a company I see all the time running I 95 in Ct and I 91 Ct. They Have white pinnacles with thin blue lettering. I can never make out what the company name is.

The first letter of the name is large and the rest are small. It looks like the large letter might be an A. I see them more on 91 than 95. They appear to be an all mack fleet.

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Pitt-Ohio, I believe for the most part? Green Dash would know!

They have a lot CX613's, but they also have a lot of Sterlings, and possibly smaller Freightliners.

Over 100 pinnacles per year have been purchased over the past 3 years and most of the trucks being retired are the Sterling's because parts are becoming difficult to find and more costly. Freightliner is currently the brand of choice for the straight trucks but they are on course to once again becoming an all Mack tractor fleet.


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Both companies I work for... Mostly..

S&G asphalt is a fleet of 6 Mack's. 2 granites 4 rds

PennDOT is mainly Mack except for a few new internationals (which are nothing problems)

Problem is the dot trucks don't have much power, they are stock 375-425s In the granites and the e7 350s in the older RDs (I will be buying one at auction these year)

They are all run live PTO so that cuts down on fuel mileage and cuts horsepower a good 30hp

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Went to the Bozzutto terminal in cheshire a few months ago. Lots of sterlings still. Looks like KW is the replacement of choice.

Saw a coupls of shackers. Out back they still have a sharp 2 stack R model in the old blue and white colors. They may be planning restoration. Saw a couple newer Paccar dump trucks outback also.

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