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  1. What is the difference in cam shaft from 07 to 08-10. Engines
  2. Are the rocker the same on 04 emission mp7 as the newer engines?
  3. Any way is could be off a little. Even tho the marks are on point. It will fire for 2rmp seems like and cut off
  4. Tdc is the v3 line? Right beside the tdc stamp?
  5. We replaced the head and all timeing marks are on point but the rings won’t stay runny my and keep throwing cps fmi2 code. Any idea would be awesome.
  6. Did you check the wiring all the way to where it goes in to the chassis harness. Over the drive line and top of frame rail a lot or times will rub. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. How much coolant, a day or couple days? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I'm not sure which trans. It's under warranty took to the dealer.
  9. Only 1st and second. I pulled the shift cover and dropped drive line front half of main shaft spins but not the last synchro and reverse synchro but revers works. Looks like it has a clean brake between two gears never seen a two pice main shaft lol but I'm not familiar with mack I usually do eaton.
  10. I have a mack trans with I think is a twisted main shaft. Has any one ran into this before. 2012 gu713
  11. Have you checked the unloaded on the side of the compressor head. 8mm Allen
  12. Blink codes? Try googling it there is a lot of info out there.
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