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V12 Brockway on Ebay


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I spoke to the guy who has the truck, an I think he traded a B75 Mack for the U360 Brockway, I'm gettin some history on her now I'm told mech. it is sound but the cab on the other hand?? but I think it is a little steep, 12,000 is where i think it should be


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I have seen this truck and for what it is it is very good. I know the owner/seller and I don't think he is on this site.

In the late 60's early 70's these doing trailer dump work (100 -110k) out run anything even the 425 1693 cats.


Will out run an pull with the best a them !! No doubt about it! We had them at Colonial Sand an Stone brand new in 1974 475 hp 13 sp and 4.56 rears 75yd Montone tri ax dump trailers. If ya new how to drive em and keep em wound up between 18 an 2200 ther was no stopin her! Oh Ya .. We had no Jake Brakes on them


PS Still my first love even above my R7 with the 12

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