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  1. I'd love to get enough of that group home to make one complete. What a beast that truck is. It is an engineering masterpiece. Maybe if I hit the lottery!
  2. A Detroit, LEAKING? Who would have thought such a thing...? I thought, "yeah no kidding"? when I read the title...good to see it's only fuel. Fill the new one and spin it on. Do as suggested above and you will be fine. It worked for me.
  3. Good for you. That is one sharp truck for sure! Worth saving and man what a nice rig. They really made them nice didn't they.
  4. I'm with eddeere...Green and Yellow to match the tractor. Looks sharp by the way. Seriously though, unless you have a scheme for your collection, why not the original colors MAck put on them? That's my plan. ORANGE!!! All over.
  5. BIG!! I've designed some smaller versions of a gantry crane like that. The one I remember most was used for moving bundles of rebar at a place that manufactured it. That is one big crane. Cool.
  6. Gmerrill0516


    That's tough news. Sorry to hear. Never worry about burdening others. Leaning on friends in time of need is what friends are for. Prayers for you and the family. God Bless. Greg
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. God Bless all of you. Greg
  8. Well be sure to let me know who and where. Those sneakers make a classic truck like that POP!!!
  9. I assume you can no longer buy the kind of tires that are on that 815 now...maybe I'm wrong (let me know!!!!). I love those! They are cool. Some of the Mack books on the old trucks show factory photos with them. Cool stuff.
  10. I ordered the quadbox version just now....cool as hell.
  11. Merry Christmas all...and Hohoho to Santa's helper above...Wow!
  12. This is GREAT! I'd love to see a registry for all models personally. Why not!?! I'll send in my info at some point soon. I'd love to see another of the 4 made with the B-815 I'm working on. They are SN 1228-1231 if memory serves. I see 1232 up there...Just one away. So close. Thanks for the effort. Love it!
  13. Great plan. It's worth preserving it like it is. If mine was that straight I'd do the same. Cool. Keep us posted. I hope to get a place of my own where I can work on mine more regularly as well as get it inside. Thanks again for sharing. Greg
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