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  1. Looking for four (4) Delco Remy ignition coils for 1969 sister Mack pumpers with solenoids. Coil Model #1115256. Also in the market for two (2) fuel pumps. Stewart Warner I believe. Any leads are appreciated. Pat Gavin 202-494-9108 cell
  2. Pulling 500 gallon water tank on R608F pumper for refurb. Any estimates on tank weight? Looks to measure 67 1/2 x 113, maybe 3/16 thick plus baffles. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Keith, I have two R-608F pumpers in upstate New York and am interested in a copy of your owner's manual if it is still available. I'll gladly pay any cost associted with... Thanks, Patrick 202-494-9108 cell
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