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  1. J hancock is right. Never been there but i have seen pics of some of the Brocks. The u360 v12 truck is sold. Friend of mine got a terex dozer with v12 82-60? out of there. I heard some prices are fair
  2. Assuming it's a 8v71 detroit 318hp?. Forgot I had heard of one on a farm up that way a while back with those specs. The Brockway
  3. Got these for a project and sold truck $800 cash, no shipping....i'm in NY 607-437-2166....also might be selling whole drivers side nos panel for sleeper cab truck
  4. Welcome! I am in Otego near Oneonta. I have an acar like yours, did you get that off a guy in schenevus(williams)? I have a few brockways with detroit power. I sent you a pm....Brian
  5. I had a 72 with single frame, The frame had actually cracked and someone plated it. It was tandem dump 237 6 speed....
  6. Paging Superdog. Couldn't have been many of these made? Look good next to my H762 Brockway!
  7. Next time i am by there i will get phone # for you
  8. Been for sale long time. It's a 6-71 detroit. Pretty decent shape.
  9. I'm with dieseldriver, there is no way a 350 mack competes with a true 3406b setup at 425hp. Maybe you were running with 3406a which commonly in error is called a 425. We have had numerous macks with 300 and 350's and pound for pound they are one of best ever. With a 6 speed I definately don't agree, maybe a 12 speed you could hang in there.
  10. I better not forward this to my brothers friend from Australia or he will make you guys here who say "if it wasn't so far away" look foolish when it goes down under I won't do it just because maybe i will trade a brockway for it or my 81.
  11. We used ours with mack 10 speed in a tandem dump and hauled up to 22 tons no problem. Not a real lo hole forward but you have 5 reverse gears that are plenty low for backing up loaded. If you get stuck, dump and then pull out no problem....In my opinion beats the heck out of others because you have ten road gears as we have many hills around here.
  12. Welcome to the 40's my friend Happy Birthday
  13. Very cool information. I skimmed through and didn't see a torpedo bomber. Would be a TBF/TBM Avenger I would think? Anybody have any pics of these by Mack? Grumman was a TBF and GM produced them as TBM if I remember right. Thanks for the info..Brian
  14. There was Air force military refueler near me. Muffler was under front bumper and had no dog house. Pretty interesting truck but I'll pass on the 3208
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