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Recently aquired DM800 refurbish

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Very nice. Love the color with the stripes. From the serial number it would have had a 237 from the factory. You can send the serial number to the Mack museum and get the build sheets to the truck. It might take them awhile though because they are busy. Keep us updates on the progress.

Thanks Vinny, i would say you are correct about it coming from the factory with a 237 considering the vintage and model #.

Nice truck. Looks like everything but the trans and possibly the rears were changed. How is the frame?

Thank you, the guy i bought it from seems to think it has 65k rears but i suspect it actually has 58k rears. I'm gonna climb under her tomorrow and see if i can locate the stamp on the housing to know for sure(a quick gander revealed a stamp that read 96 on the front of the housing but i don't think i was looking in the right spot). The frame is not very good with typical rust jacking and a few cracks along the flange (some repaired some not). My plan is to clean out the rails as best i can, repair the cracks and run the truck for the winter. I'm in to this truck for very short money so if everything works out i may consider re-railing it in the spring and restoring the truck to its former glory.

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Great looking truck!! More pictures a must!! Gonna push snow this winter?? From here looks like just paint body and rims.. And she will look like new!! Looks solid!! I have seen a lot of rust in the rails!! My old man says.. Well they all do that..can't wait to see more.. Plenty of help here from a bunch of great guys!! And boy do they know Mack!!

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Thanks Joe, not quite up to snuff with that gorgeous truck of yours but i'm working on it. Def plan on pushing and hauling snow with it this winter (come on mother nature). The truck really is quite solid and little by little i'll get her straightened out. I could use a little help locating some parts such as a new floormat, possibly a hood, and a drivers side cowl replacement panel if it's available (i've found them for R models but not for the DM) if anyone knows where i can locate them.

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You will be surprised how many things still available from Mack !! $$ and still plenty of good cabs and parts laying in junkyards!! Al lembo in Newark makes all sheet metal parts for them!! If you need any help jus post it! These guys know!! Gonna stay with white rims, silver body??

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