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Recently aquired DM800 refurbish

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I jus found receipt w part #s if you want #s let me know

Thanks Joe, I saw that Mack still listed them in the catalog but was hoping to maybe source one aftermarket and save a few bucks. Looks like i'm gonna have to bite the bullet and head over to Mack this week. If you don't mind me asking what did they whack you for the mat? You mentioned that Al Lembo may be able to provide me with a cowl panel for the truck. How would i go about getting in touch with him? I think for the time being the body is going to be a bit darker shade of gray and the wheels will remain white. I've got a bit of time to think about the final paint scheme but am leaning towards Black and Burgandy on the cab with a grey body, black frame and undercarrige, and white wheels.

Nice truck. Would you consider selling it when your done? I know someone interested in it and they have the truck 40 numbers before that

Unlikely, i've been looking for a restorable DM800 for quite some time and to find one spec'd as well as this one is would be tough (the truck even has functioning AC). But thank you anyway.

Did you talk to Barry about a floor mat?

I'm not sure who Barry is but if he's got a floor mat i would sure like to talk to him.

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Here are #s as in receipt...MK 25083949 (21qr555r).. Floor covering...$186.18 (front mat)

Part # MK 21qr4199r...$93.38 (rear mat).

Bodies by lembo

76 riverside ave

Newark nj


Ask for al... He is owner and has restored many trucks.. He even makes new hoods 4 DM 's.. I know wat you mean about the $$..I would ask Mack about cowl..something's are surprisingly cheap n available and something's you jus can't believe how expensive..little at a time. It all comes together.. Any other ?? Don't hesitate to ask.

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