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I cant believe this!!

Joey Mack

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As my would say when we were kids "I  guess Mr Nobody did it again" 


I have rats shelter in the air cleaner inlet of a IH tractor over night on a bad drought year 

Sucked them right in tight as a fishes ass 

There was bums and noses pressing on the element 

It took me a few hours to find this simple problem 



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Not the same!  but a  similar instance , We once had a fellow that was doing head gaskets on an engine ! Went to to do the valve set on the engine and an it came up semi hard on cyl 3 after some investigation with a screw driver down the injector hole found he had left a rag on the piston ! Just a tad embarrassing ! At the time we had a very aggressive boss that tried to push people on time quoted job you know! PUSH PUSH PUSH! We also had a guy leave the little plastic cork in the turbo oil feed on a 3406 980 loader honest mistake as two different guys were doing the job ! But  Shit happens ! took out two turbos before finding the plug! 🥵

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My brother, father and I shared a 1975 Pontiac Catalina as a beater/"station car" (park it at the train station so your nice car or truck doesn't get torn up) in the 1990's.  Car was a beast and surprisingly quick for a smogged motor (400ci).  Anyway, we were doing some routine maintenance on it and my dad's Mercedes 300SD (also a beast for different reasons) one weekend.  When I went to put oil in it, the oil would spill out of the fill cap in the valve cover.  It was painstakingly slow to get a quart of oil to go in.  Finally got fed up and pulled the valve cover only to find an old t-shirt jammed in there.  After reinstalling the valve cover, filling with oil and starting the car, the reason for the t-shirt became obvious.  It was there to quiet a bad valve or lifter.  Didn't bother us, in fact it was kind of amusing to pull into the Chappaqua, NY train station in the mornings with it making all that clatter much to the displeasure of all the snooty commuters.  We were a white collar family that never lost track of its blue collar routes.  That $500 car lasted us 5 years until I did a neutral drop in it one saturday night and tore the linkage on the transmission up.  

Ed Smith

1957 B85F 1242 "The General Ike"

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