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  1. That’s the air compressor governor. You can try tightening it, taking it off and putting some sealer on the threads, or replace the fitting. There are plenty of options.
  2. I’m not the one looking for advice. I posted about what could possibly be going on with the fuel pump….
  3. Yes they are, in school someone forgot to put the rod bearings in it and ran it for a good 10 min through the rpms. Another time two liners dropped and as the crank came around each time it ate more and more until the liners were gone. There were a few more “mishaps” with that poor engine but it still runs to this day from what I hear….
  4. The gear on the pump shaft could be fine at idle and lower rpm range, but once the rpms get higher and the shaft spins faster the gear could spinning on the shaft. Could be….
  5. Nice! Hopefully something shows up so you don’t have to keep looking and can start putting it back together… 🤞🏻
  6. That got a hell of a lot more expensive then a rag. Haha
  7. How long do you suspect that was in there? Haha. Good thing it wasn’t “forgotten” pre turbo.
  8. Typically what I have seen when the cartridge needs changed is that it’s slow to build or won’t build air at all. Could be governor, purge valve, unloader valve stuck, or you have a decent air leak between the compressor and air dryer. Just to name a few things…does the truck build air, does it build at a normal rate, does the compressor cut out at its normal psi? Anything been done to the truck before this issue started?
  9. Ain’t the truth. even if you tried…
  10. Wouldn’t he be seeing bubbles/pushing coolant regardless of being loaded or not if combustion gas was working its way into the system?
  11. Yea the MPs from what I have seen tend to run around that for oil temp.
  12. 250 is normal oil temp for summer time.
  13. Beginning Injection Pressure. There is a special tool for this I believe. It will check the EUP response time and voltage.
  14. Just a quick idea here…maybe the the speed sensor?
  15. Also, if you decide to tackle this job you will need a wheel seal if you are replacing both bearings…which id imagine you would be.
  16. Maybe take it apart and inspect the bearing and also make sure the axle nut is tight/still locked in place?
  17. To check the wheel bearing, jack it up have someone push the brake pedal to take any play out and put your hands at 12 and 6 and rock in and out.
  18. Well I guess a dirty air cleaner can cause that haha, good to know. Glad it was just that. A lot of your time but much cheaper. Thanks for sharing!
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