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  1. I'm thinking because of the hole in hose it's sucking dirty air through compressor, I just got truck, so I don't know how long it's been doing this. Dealer claims no issues before it made it's journey from PA to Mass, he says turbo went on way here.
  2. I promise. AI-400 has no EGR system. I get it now on compressor, that's just air feed in and out, so probably got a bunch of junk in there between the turbo failing and the hole. -(
  3. This is the "AI" motor. No EGR thank goodness. The air side of turbo goes to intercooler around front of motor. Really don't understand the purpose of all these hoses coming off the compressor.
  4. Thanks for info. I didn't mention that major amount of oil in exhaust, I assumed turbo and have new one on shelf ready to go in, would this cause oil in that hose? hoping to not have to replace compressor as well, seems to build air fine
  5. Do you think the small piece of rubber hose with hose clamp is original or a quick fix?
  6. So here is pic. Figured out it is air compressor. But what is the hose that has big hole in it?
  7. I know this engine doesn't have EGR. It's not coolant lines, is it vaccum? any help would be great.
  8. 2005 mack cv713 400 AI I think also called a e7. What is the contraption with all the hoses going to it under the turbo? There's a short rubber fitting with big hole in it and oil blowing out of it. Are these all vaccum lines? I'm a little lost here.
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