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1965 Mack B815SX

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Hello all,

I'll try and keep this brief, I actually sold my 1969 R685 a couple months back and have been looking for my next Mack.

I have found a 1965 B815SX dump for sale, restored in 1996, looks well kept up since then, No rust that I can see, even under the cab.

I does not have the original V8, instead has a Thermodyne with Jake Brakes, a quadbox, 65K rears,20K front, power steering and looks really nice In the pictures.

The current owner has been great in answering all my questions about the truck, and I have pretty much made my mind up about buying it.

My only question, before I go look at this truck in the coming days is about the engine, It appears to have a cast aluminum intake and a spin on water filter, all of the ENDT series I have seen had a stamped steel intake and no water filter?

I am guessing it could have a 675 Maxidyne vs a Thermodyne then?


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31 minutes ago, hicrop10 said:

Looks real solid,you are going to drive it home.Good luck.

I have thought about it, 914 miles from here, I guess it will depend on the condition of the tires and driveline, I figure at least a 2 day drive home.

That would be the cheaper option vs having it hauled, but if something major were to go wrong, that would be a huge tow bill.

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1 hour ago, hicrop10 said:

Give it a good shake down run and you’ll be fine.Once you make the deal and you forked over the money ask the seller if he would drive it the 900 plus miles.Pick a good couple of days weather wise and enjoy the thumbs up you will be getting.You won’t be able to get in and out of the fuel stops quickly with all the want a be drivers drooling over it.Here’s a picture of my B873sx tractor that has been in the family since new.


Nice truck, Even though I am only 45, I actually cut my teeth on a B61, it was the first class 8 truck I ever drove, guy I worked for just out of school had one in his family owned grading business.   It took me several days, but I eventually got the quad shifting down.

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     As much fun as it would be to drive it home you probably are making the right decision. New England is a super busy corridor and there is also weather to consider.

     Some years ago I bought a '61 B-68 from a towing company just off I 95 in VA. It was purchased in Upstate, NY and being driven to Fla. It had a vibration that kept getting worse which turned out to be a pinion bearing along with the water pump going out. The new owner never came back for it.


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Well folks,

The deal was struck today, I agreed to buy the B815 SX pictured above, I actually called  a friend who moves equipment and inquired about moving it, he was going to be 30 miles from the truck on Tuesday this week, So it should be here by the weekend.


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