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 just had another thought....   So our supplies of ALL KIND'S  are in short supply...   You reckon it's because of a 'War effort'?   I'm no history buff... But what I think about is  1943 in the U.S.  when the U.S. Mint made pennies with steel because they needed the copper for the war..  Is this B.S. we have similar issue's, because of the scope of highly intelligent weapons  and they are messing with other supplies, like food,, and fuel,,  and blaming it all on the 'New scapegoat'   COVID ?  Am I nut's?  Jojo

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  • Walk the busy city streets telling us there's nothing to worry about

  • Downplay the idea of masks

  • Lockdown the country for "15 days to flatten the curve"

  • Refuse or delay every attempt to reopen

  • Mandate masks everywhere, even outdoors where the virus doesn't spread

  • Mock and sow doubt about the vaccines simply because Donald Trump's Operation Warp Speed played into their development

  • Blame the president for every COVID death

  • Use all the mayhem Democrats caused to defeat Donald Trump in 2020

  • Claim credit for Trump's vaccines

  • Cajole and shame people before eventually mandating that everyone get the vaccines they politicized a few months earlier

  • Censor and ban unapproved discussion about the vaccines or forms of treatment

  • Require masks for the vaccinated even after saying vaccination was the way out of the pandemic

  • Lie about the pandemic being one of the unvaccinated

  • Suddenly learn that cloth and surgical masks do next to nothing, but stand by them anyway

  • Absolve the president of any blame for a single COVID death

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