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Pickers at Mack Junkyard

Red Horse

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2 minutes ago, Red Horse said:

Yes Rich-I saw it-I never would have guess the plastic discs are now bringing big money.  By the way I was disappointed-all the hype about Mack and nothing-but that was a nice picture of a Big B single axle with the rock body.

Well there were a couple of photos of Marv's Wellington truck and I'm pretty sure that was Gary Mahan posing with Jack Comer in front of the lowbed. It seems that he wanted to talk about the trucks, wonder how much got edited out.

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On 10/30/2017 at 9:05 AM, B-42 said:

Can someone record and post the segment?  We don't have History channel . Would like to see it.

If you get Hulu Plus on the interwebs (costs about $10/month), they carry Pickers.

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You are right, that was jack Comer.  And I believe that was Gary Mahan in the picture.  Jack's trucks have been coming to Macungie with Mr. Mahan the last several years.  Jack's dad, Marv was very active in both antique truck clubs before he died.  They had a hugh sale at their quarry  twenty or so years ago.  I and several friends went.  They had hundreds of trucks, some really interesting items sold.   I have not been particularly impressed with pickers, what they choose to buy or what they pay for things.  A friend and I went to Hershey last year on Thursday (it started officially on Wednesday) , and the pickers were there packing up to leave after just one day.  Mikes brother said they were done, going back to Iowa.  I have been going for over 45 years, for 2 to 4 days, and never see everything there, but they managed in less than one day.  

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Might be interesting! I've seen a couple episodes where there are decent looking vintage trucks in background but they never focus on them! They buy vintage cars and street rods however! Watched an episode last night and the place they were picking had a solid looking 50s Reo golden comet flatbed in the barn, they even.picked up something off the bed but nobody was interested in the truck possibly they don't want to pay to transport the heavier trucks,or there isn't as much interest in vintage trucks as cars...sad!

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