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Looks like a clean and taken care of unit to me. Good luck with it!!   Paul


 “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’


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Just spent the day going through it with the dmv. Been so long since they seen a old R they had no idea what they were looking at. Good news is that I got through it and its now titled in my name with plates.

Did have two problems. It appears to be wet stacking. I noticed its blowing very black smoke when I romp on the peddle and I saw some diesel fuel in the exhaust. Its my first e6, so I'm going to dig into the puff limiter. The second problem was a leaking big (maybe 3/4) wet line. It looks to need replacing or just tightened.

Its suppose to be nice again tomorrow, so I hope to get some more miles on it. Runs nice, shifts smooth, doesn't even know that trailers back there when its empty. Picked up a complete filter kit for $50 at Mack, so I plan to get some new oil too.  Fresh fluids throughout should make it feel better also.

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11 hours ago, cf685f said:

Just spent the day going through it with the dmv.

Good thing you brought the doughnuts!  Probably a previous owner "tuned up" the puff limiter.  Maybe disconnected or plugged so it doesn't work properly?

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Yeah, I just saw the owner for the first time a couple of weeks ago and she finally decided to take my offer on the combo. She wanted it to go with a detachable neck lowboy, but it was way out of my price range. Just happened that she had a fix neck too that was in my price range. I saw this other trailer which was just refirbed and I was sold. 

I'm excited as I was able to get my setup for a descent price and I can stop messing around with pickups& goose necks that I always overload! Its definitely a 25 footer, but its an R model that worked its entire life without being garaged. Really wanted a steel dash, but my CF will fill that void. 

Just put 100 miles on it today for fun. It runs out good, shifts nice. It runs out to about 80mph, that's exactly what I hoped. Now I can get on the freeway hauling my firetrucks and have no issues with speed. I just couldn't get my self to rip out the original 5 speed on my CF to make it go faster.

It appears to have never been detailed or cleaned , so I have to give it a good cleaning. Change the fluids and replace the two aluminum rims on the front. 

Only thing I found that doesn't work so far is the air condition and the heated mirror on the passenger side. Other than that, I still going through it. Time will tell. 


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great score!........if my memory serves me correctly  the only issue you might have with that combo could be the cam in the 350, I would suggest adjusting the valves and checking the valve bridges.........I'm not trying to scare you...just a heads up!

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Thanks. Been digging in, alot of cleaning and the past mechanic's wiring skills are questionable. I am working on cleaning up the wiring under the hood. Ive got more unconnected hot wires, than I have ever seen. 

After examining the ac, the compressor and condensor are completely unconnected, so now I'm guessing the system is in worse shape than I hoped. Ive got to get a wire diagram and get power to them, to see whats broken.


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I think one of my favorite discovery in old trucks is wire nuts....... welded new sides in a dump truck at work. farmer used household romex 12/2 and wire nuts for all the box lights.  come to find out he did it cause hes on a farm and the mice and rats chew the wiring(household yellow romex has something in the insulation supposively to keep the rodents away)


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