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B-73 Restoration

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22 minutes ago, mattb73lt said:

24.5 stud piloted.

Thanks. What put me in doubts was the holes/openings in the front wheel looked too close to the center dish. And still an interesting point those holes look further from the center at the rear wheel (unpolished face on the 3rd pic).

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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alot of gippos in my area,,just let them go....dont get it....why dont the sell them to someone who wants them....even if your not making any money,,,,polishing your rims,dont take any $$$$.forcrissakes get off your lazy asses..lol.bob

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5 hours ago, mattb73lt said:

Spent yesterday prepping the frame and today was the day. Great weather, almost no wind and a solid SIX hours of spraying and mixing paint. So many nooks a crannies to get at and a LOT of paint!! It’s done and ready for more assembly.




Looks great Matt.  What is CA and what are you mounting??  

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49 minutes ago, mattb73lt said:

First hub complete, almost got both rears done today. A few hours tomorrow should have the right side done. I like the original spoke wheels for their classic look, but I’m very happy with the look of the Buds and polished rims. With all the polished aluminum and stainless, they really tie everything together.



Do I  see a tear in that old bulldogs eye???😎

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Lol ya same here I generally think the buds look better on newer shit but what you got there who could argue with the finished results … excellent maybe it’s the red frame… bob

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On 9/22/2021 at 3:41 PM, mrsmackpaul said:

Keen eye there Vlad 

Almost as shiny as the top of my head 

I looked at getting some rims chromed for the spider (dayton) type wheels recently, but at 450 bucks a rim it would add up very quickly 





funny you mentioned chrome daytons . there used to be a shop in madera cal. that would do an exchange for chromed rims for 185 bucks each . long gone by now i suppose

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