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Help with old mack

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Hi everyone.

Heres my story, i a trying to find a set of mud flaps for an old mack. my grandfather bought an old mack and has restored it all himself, has 100s of hours into it. but he has been getting sick and hasnt finished. so now we (more my uncle) are finishing it before he moves on, so he can see it. (he has no idea)

the other day when i took him for a drive to get out of the hospital we saw a mack and it had mud flaps on it. he told me that the dog was changed years ago and that he was looking for a set of vintage mud flaps for his truck but never found them and now the truck will never be finished. (little does he know)

so i want to find a set of mudflaps that has the old vintage dog on them, but i dont know what that dog is. or were to get them.

so i'm asking for some help of guidance into what the dog looks like and the difference, and maybe a website that has the mud flaps.

sorry for the spell.


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You're doing a good thing for the old buck. God bless you and your uncle for the effort. You found the right spot for questions. keep us posted on the project and if anything else comes up, give us a try and for sure someone will know the answer. Lots of smart guys on here...but don't tell them I said so, it goes right to their heads.


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I would say those black mud flaps seem to me as the only way to get the correct style stuff.

It was discussed many times on here and the most other options of old ages were found out no longer avalible.

Sure you may find a happy chance to get a nice set from some person but I don't remember anything showed out for a while.

I myself ordered the black set from Watt's and happy with them.

It's sure more difficult to me to get anything becase I'm overseas but I was keeping my eye on this matter for no less than a couple of years.

Neat looking B-model you posted, good luck on the project.


Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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Very nice truck. Those mudflaps SD shows will set it off just right. Here's hoping you can get it ready and take your Dad for a ride. It will be something that will make him very happy and you will never forget.

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Glad you are finishing it up for him. I just got that set from Watt's for my B. Real heavy rubber not plastic They look great and hang straight and flat not curled like plastic Great looking truck. Good luck and hope he is doing well for now.

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