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no shitter-gotta have one of them



unless you have a pee can somewhere

Pee out the back door.. it is on a big lot...for number two, run over to the plant where I work...less than a mile! Would LOVE to have some water though! May buy a tank just to keep some to wash the GOJO off my hands!

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Never missed having water in my shop; especially when I have to worry about it freezing.

I assume the small rooms are for machinery such as the air compressor. Make sure the doors are big enough to get them in and out. Room for a small fork lift to get in is even better.

I used wall mount overhead door openers to keep the overhead free of clutter and pre-painted OSB T-111 for the walls. The T-111 doesn't get as beat up, allows me to mount anything I want, and is removable if I want to make electrical changes down the road. At about $23.00 per sheet it was cheaper than drywall when you figure hanging, finishing and painting.

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I have only one problem with your shop,not having water I can handle that.But if built that I'ld have to have a space for the bed.You all know sooner or later we get ourselves in the dog house,with a dog house like you built I wouldn't mind being in the dog house.Come to think of it I'ld do more stupid things just to get sent out to the dog house.

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I am only a tennant! The building is actually 44' by 100' with a 30' by 14' add on I am using as a wood shop...the wall separating the place was not there a week ago...someone rented half (I am lucky they did not what want it all or I would be out!) I only officially rent to the last column next to where the B modle sits...that smaller door is not mine! I have to jack the B around (15 minutes of pure work!) the corner and go out the big door! A PITA! I was hoping when he put the wall up I could get that next bay but the owner keeps a couple of cars parked in there! I am not complaining though, I have worked on stuff in the driveway/garage my whole life...this is awesome for me! Smaller rooms are 24 by 12...one is a machine shop, the other is an office and parts storage...Just this weekend I hung and wired 4 T5 light fixtures (temporary)...it is brigher than shit in here now! Still no lease so I could go at any minute!


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Looks like a big roof, get one or two of the big plastic tanks and run a gutter downspout in the top. Then you just need some PVC and a small pump, did it in a barn years ago and it worked well, modern day sistern.

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