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Bad day for my E9?


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When I pulled the drain plug in oil pan I found 1 side of a valve keeper. Truck just cam in from an 1,400 mile run and sounds good. Do I start by pulling rocker covers or just plan on pulling heads? Would like to find out which head its from. :tease: Im just discouraged at the moment

Remember if it's got a hood it's no good!

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Pop the covers, maybe you'll be lucky and it's a past piece just laying in the pan. Paul


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or the valve could be holding on with the rest of it, when I broke valve spring last summer I feared for the worst but all the parts were laying right there. I made a tool and changed it right on the engine. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/32170-broke-a-valve-spring-yesterday/

That's why they are Bulldog Tough!


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Damn, why do you guys have to scare me like that!

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That happened to me once. I have a 580K Case backhoe with the dreaded "Killer dowel pin" in the Cummins motor. Pin came out and went around the gears and only cracked the timing case. Repaired the case without taking it off but never found the pin. After about 4 or 5 oil changes, it finally showed up by coming out in the oil. Was now round on the edges. I added it to my collection of "items found where they shouldn't be found."

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