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If its on blocks and blocked in theyre not using it, just think how cool it would be to pull into a truck show with a 5th wheel on that thing!

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nice. so I that a F model grille in that truck? or did some r models come with that indented style grille? I think we have talked about this before

used to see alotta them out here...dont know if they came with them...bob...looks like its in pretty good shape...bob

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Had a visit with the owner/builder. Robert from Thompson Fertilizer bought the halliburton R700 with 290 cummins and 13 spd and he had two Oshkosh front axles. He cut the two axles so that they could be welded back together making one longer axle. He then created a transfer case from a planetary unit in line at the carrier brg with a chain to the front shaft. The bugs are not worked out of it yet and he pecks away at it in his spare time. A very nice fellow.





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