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Gas and Oil coming out of exhaust.

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Please I owned a Year 2000 Mack RD 690S among my fleet. My driver observed heavy smoke containing Gas and Engine Oil coming from the truck exhaust. The truck still runs but not as smoothly as it used to run. My Mechanic initially changed 4 rotors before he discovered from a valve that the problem could be in the engine block. all efforts to carefully remove the camshaft proved abortive because the cup in the engine block is not turning. The mechanic said he observed fragment of mental when the bottom plate was opened and concluded that the engine block is cracked from the inside. That is bad news in Nigeria. Although, I have instructed the mechanic to open up the engine so we can see what wrong, I still want somebody to reassure me that I have not lost the engine block. Thank You.

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Did you open up the oil filter to see how much metal may be in it? I certainly would. I'd also consider running the crankcase oil about 1000km and then getting a sample analyzed- if you have such a service in your country. If not then I would absolutely change it and the filters- "just to be sure."


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