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Ralph Smith B Modle

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doesn't look like its turboed but has the turbo air cleaner. be interesting to know how many trucks had the bigger air cleaner as an option. I know you could even get it on a small B42 gasser if you wanted. I like the patina on that truck, along with yours Ralph Smith trucks. nice to see a restored one but also nice to see an unmolested original sometimes. chec out the angle iron all along the bottom of the bumper for all the plates.


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kinda like Sears oil did in Rome Ny, except they were tryin to run them into the 90's and I think all the guys got sick of driving old junk and driving a 671 with a 10 speed or a 711 and duplex haulin 100,000lbs of oil up the Ny thruway. they had the auction about 5 years ago and it was like the walked out of the garage in 1994 and shut the lights off. course I think Cook brothers got the pick of the liter right after that and got most of the running B models and Brockways.


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Thanks for posting Keith.

Glad to see it's still around.

I know I'm prejudice but I'm with mackdaddy would've looked great in our colors with a horseshoe on it!

The last three H-67's we owned did have horseshoes on them.

Truck was owned by Frame's motor freight in West Chester and was basically a parts truck, sitting for a few years with no engine or transmission.

My brother and I had already gotten some parts off of it for our "H" models when our father all of a sudden decided to buy it and put it back together.

I think that was around '73 or '74.

I'm not sure but I believe Frame's (Frame, Morrison, and Ryan) were the original owners.

Think it was a '61

Chassis # H673T-1353


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