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Maybe it was a large northern sedan,slightly rusted and wore out.

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Drove a few "B-85Fs" and "B-95Fs" with those small mirrors. I learned a lot about backing a "B" model into a fire station with those small mirrors vibrating all over the place.

Those were nice trucks, but in looking back, those coupe cab fire trucks were really cramped; the "L-85s" and "L-95s" were roomier. Of course, the fact that they were semi-cabs

probably made them seem bigger. Ah, the "good old days".


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Actually,I read it to mean the Mack is no harder to handle than a sedan,ie. steers easy,brakes well,etc. I agree though,they probably over-state that by a pretty large margin. The test would be to parallel park one on a hill after a 300 mile drive finishing with an hour of big-city traffic.LOL



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I would agree with the article "easy as a sedan". I rebuilt a 1950 Packard engine and spruced up the engine bay in a Sedan about a year ago, and let me tell you it is definitely different than any sedans of the modern era. That thing was a land yacht. It probably had as much if not more sheet metal than a B model. No power steering and no power brakes. The engine weighed a cool and dry 966 lbs from oil pan to air cleaner according to my manuals haha. So slightly different than driving a B model but kinda comparable to it in their heydays!

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