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1985 MH


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Attention Farmer52 , this truck has your name on it .And besides, it's your turn to buy another power unit !!! I enjoy spending other peoples Money!!

Thanks! I don't have time nor money to put into the one I own now. It would be a nice addition especially since it has a V8.

This would make a nice Christmas present....hint hint. :whistling:

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I need to sell this truck and my E9 parts. I'll take $9000 for the truck by itself. I've got a complete E9 motor with a spun bearing. The motor includes 4 good heads, fuel pump, intake, etc. I'll take $2500 for the motor. I'll sell the motor and the truck together for $10,500 OBO. Any questions call me 704 473 9628.


Caleb Miller

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I need to sell this truck so I can buy some more farm equipment. I'll take $8000 for the truck. If anyone is interested in the truck and the motor I'll sell them together for $9500. The truck has a PTO pump that I'll give you with the truck. If anybody has a John Deere Tractor in decent shape or some farm equipment we might could do some trading I'll accept offers. If interested call me or send me a PM.

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