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  1. Mack Technician if you could send it tomorrow I would appreciate it. I am having trouble finding it.
  2. I have a 2000 Mack Ch613 that I am replacing the engine in currently. It has a E7-460 Etech with 690B Jacobs Engine Brake and I need some information. Thanks for your help! Injector torque? Jake brake housing to rocker arms torque? Jake brake lash settings?
  3. Hi, I have a 1992 RW613 that I just swapped from a 9 Eaton Fuller to a 13 Eaton Fuller. I purchased from Weller and the truck is a different animal (for the better). It no longer lugs down or is wound tight like it use to before the swap. It has an electronic E7-350, 4.17 on air ride Mack suspension. Its consumption has improved dramatically. I can't say enough good things about the swap. The approximately 38 mile haul grossing 88K it's using average 20 gallons of diesel less per day.(5 trips per day)
  4. The truck is sold. Sorry for not being able to get pictures.
  5. So do the new Mack Granites not "regen" on the move? I thought the parked regen was an issue with the previous generation only?
  6. Here are the requested pictures. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Preview attachment IMG_0445.jpgIMG_0445.jpg53 KB.webloc Preview attachment IMG_0443.jpgIMG_0443.jpg118 KB.webloc Preview attachment IMG_0441.jpgIMG_0441.jpg87 KB.webloc Preview attachment IMG_0442.jpgIMG_0442.jpg55 KB.webloc Preview attachment IMG_0446.jpgIMG_0446.jpg75 KB.webloc Preview attachment IMG_0447.jpgIMG_0447.jpg69 KB.webloc
  7. I am following this seriously since I am in the Market too. I would be leaving a '94 DM and getting a granite with air ride. 50/50 road and offroad driving.
  8. You have been very busy! I am impressed with the quality of the rebuild and it's how I did my superliner. If you were to sell it once you get done working on it what do you think you'd want for it?
  9. I have pictures I am just having trouble getting them from my phone to the computer. Do you have any suggestions on how to do so?
  10. Asking $30,000.00 firm List of repaired/replaced parts: wheel seals, drums, shoes, one brake canister, fluid/filters throughout the drivetrain, led headlights, led taillights, led dump box lights, dump pivot pin at the end of the frame, tires, seat, tarp, dump box liner, two way gate hinges, air gate cylinder, rebuilt dump hoist, back up alarm, apron, accelerator pedal, air valves on the frame, torque rods, slack adjustors, clutch, radiator, air to air aftercooler, complete ac system, complete am/fm radio system, wet kit including pump/controls and more. I am sure there is more but I
  11. I own both of those engines in a DM and Superliner. The EM7-300 mechanical with pull with or out pull the 7 pin pump. Mechanical is my vote.
  12. r686st

    Last LTL?

    I am sure that you couldn't find and build one for 100k though. Good luck finding any parts:)
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