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  1. How long is the blue dump box and how much do they want for it?
  2. Steel dump boxes

    I am looking for two 16-17 feet long steel dump boxes. I will be mounting them on a 1986 and a 1994 Mack DM triaxle trucks. These trucks are former concrete trucks if that gives you any idea about what they look like. Let me know what you have for sale.
  3. Pictures of the Week

    I was thinking the same thing Back in Black!!!! I think it was before my time but I've heard of 3 Mile Island. Can anyone give me some details as to what went down?
  4. Thank you so much for all of the responses! I have contacted my dealer and they are getting Mack to send the blueprints to them as we speak. I also ordered the wiring literature mentioned above from Mack and I should receive it by next week. I am hoping between these two documents we can come to some kind of resolution.
  5. I have a 1992 Mack RW 613 "Superliner" that has a VIN# 1M2AY74Y5NM006538 that I am trying to get the wiring from firewall to headlights/turn signals. I have received two parts with the numbers 25038822 and 41mr3655 the problem is that they are too short and have the wrong ends to connect to the headlights. I have contacted the dealer, Mack Historical Museum and one department at Mack Corporate to no avail. I keep being told that is the correct section(s) for my application. Can anyone help be find what I am missing?
  6. 1984 mack r

    Is the truck still for sale and what is the wheelbase?
  7. Do you have any other trucks that you want/need to sell? Maybe you could share a few pictures and specs.
  8. WOW! You make me want to buy and build another truck!!! That thing looks so mean it isn't even funny.
  9. Fear of . . .Chicken???

    I love how almost every post ,since I joined BigMackTrucks,that Teamstergrrrl comments on always has the opposite opinion of most on here. I think he/she does it mostly to stir things up on here. I feel as though the SGA and associated groups argument has no weight in this discussion. The food chain has all the right to be there if it is legally permitted and allowed on campus by the school's administration. I think trying to stop them is their right I just think the free market will handle the fate of this restaurant. That is the true "American Way"!
  10. 1989 DM690

    What kind of fuel mileage are you getting? What rear end gears?
  11. What size tires are you running on each axle?
  12. VMAC Interface tool/software

    thanks for the information. i was nervous.
  13. VMAC Interface tool/software

    Dam! I see it plugs into the pigtail off of the pump?! If that's the case someone cut mine out and tied the wires together so I guess it won't do me any good. Any recommendations for someone in my position?
  14. 1971 Autocar dump

    What is the empty weight and what kind of fuel mileage are you getting?
  15. vmac to mechanical conversion

    The truck doesn't smoke to amount to anything just a light haze of smoke when accelerating from a stop. The egts were extremely high(1200 degrees if you were to keep your foot in it) for the first few months I ran it until the water pump went out. I changed the water pump and thermostat and they stay in a safe range of no more than 900 on the hardest pull. What does a pump and thermostat have to do with egts???? I know the gauge tells the story though.