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  1. RD tri axle dump truck

    1993, E7 350 full mechanical, 8LL, 18k front, 44k rears, 20k lift axle, 17' body, clean double frame, new rear brakes, auto slack adjusters, new torque arms, new driveshaft, repacked dump hoist, just serviced, 11R24.5 tires all around, 4 new tires on back axle, pintal hitch, only 268,000 miles, 235" wheelbase, empty weight around 26,000 lbs. $ 39,000 obo. call/text me if interested and for more pics 607-437-4515 located in Andes, NY, please call or text I'll get the message faster than if you reply on here. thanks
  2. boost leak through air dryer?

    ok I'll try that first, hopefully it solves the problem, thanks
  3. boost leak through air dryer?

    it looks original! so is it possible that's where the leak is coming from? somehow the boost pressure is feeding back through the compressor supply line or something?
  4. 1993 E7 350 full mechanical.....anyone ever hear of this? not a constant leak but when pulling a hill, boost will drop in half, engine will loose all power, and a massive air leak can be heard right behind the cab, where the air dryer is. after downshifting, boost comes back, no air leaking, then a few seconds later, same thing....might be happening when the dryer is calling the compressor to build air? pretty sure it's an AD9 dryer...
  5. Want to buy Mack RD Triaxle Dump

    possibly. give me a text or call 607-437-4515
  6. Want to buy Mack RD Triaxle Dump

    did you ever find a truck?? text me 607-437-4515 if not
  7. Drop Visor?

    sorry the pic is so BIG!! but here's the visor I had on my CL, sold the truck but the visor was awesome, really made the truck stand out
  8. E-Tech fan clutch

    I have a used viscous fan clutch from my 2001 E-7 ETECH. It was replaced thinking it was causing an overheating problem, but the problem turned out to be the radiator. The new clutch cost just under $1000 from Cook Bros. Mack. I sold my Mack and rarely check this site anymore so of you are interested please email me
  9. new superliner for 1 million dollars

    that is a total insult to the Superliner heritage to put the Superliner name on such an ugly truck.
  10. I am selling my 2001 CL713 factory tri-axle dump truck. I don't check here often so call or text me and I can send you some pics. 607-437-4515 the truck is located in New York. here is a link to my Craigslist ad...
  11. MNL truck sales Gulfport MISS

    yes they seem to have a lot of Macks for sale, and their prices seem pretty high. most look freshly painted and many of the dumps are tractor conversions. not to say they sell bad trucks but try and work on the prices if u can
  12. etech injectors

    any way to test the injectors just to make sure they are working properly?