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  1. sorry the pic is so BIG!! but here's the visor I had on my CL, sold the truck but the visor was awesome, really made the truck stand out
  2. I have a used viscous fan clutch from my 2001 E-7 ETECH. It was replaced thinking it was causing an overheating problem, but the problem turned out to be the radiator. The new clutch cost just under $1000 from Cook Bros. Mack. I sold my Mack and rarely check this site anymore so of you are interested please email me [email protected]
  3. that is a total insult to the Superliner heritage to put the Superliner name on such an ugly truck.
  4. I am selling my 2001 CL713 factory tri-axle dump truck. I don't check here often so call or text me and I can send you some pics. 607-437-4515 the truck is located in New York. here is a link to my Craigslist ad...
  5. yes they seem to have a lot of Macks for sale, and their prices seem pretty high. most look freshly painted and many of the dumps are tractor conversions. not to say they sell bad trucks but try and work on the prices if u can
  6. any way to test the injectors just to make sure they are working properly?

    thanks yeah I checked them out, their prices on visors are very, very high. Iowa 80 has the best price on visors, but shipping is expensive. I've checked out a few of the other online chrome shops, I thought maybe someone had some parts laying around, a visor I'm sure I'll have to buy a new one but anything else used I'd be very interested in!
  8. anyone have any spare dress up parts for my CL 713? Like a drop visor, under the door light panel, etc? I know they don't make a whole lot of chrome for these trucks. Thanks!
  9. do you have a link to those instructions? did u install 6 new ones? or just check the old ones?
  10. I have 315's on 9" wheels on my steerable lift axle. the truck originally had 11r22.5's on regular 8.25's but I happened to come across a set of used 9" wide ones at a junkyard so I bought them. however, when one of the wheels developed a crack and I needed a replacement, I couldn't find another used 9" wide wheel anywhere, I called junkyards all over. so I had to buy a new one, aluminum accuride. 8.25's are a dime a dozen but good luck finding a used 9"! I've seen guys run 315's on 8.25's on their front axles before! on the tag that might be ok but I wouldn't do it on a steer axle. oh my 9" wheels look just like regular 8.25 dual wheels, but they are much thicker. they do make 9" wide flat face wheels, they look more like a 11 or 12" wide wheel that a 385 or 425 would go on.
  11. I am thinking of swapping a T310m in place of my T2110B if it ever has any issues, but I have heard both good and bad about the T310m. Do the 3 series shift any better than the 2 series? I am still trying to find out if a 3 series like the T310m would be a direct bolt in, size, clutch, drive shaft etc. I'd really like a Eaton 18 speed but am scarred of the complexity of the swap...