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That's some good driving right there. For that tire to blow catastrophicly its must have stopped the heart for a second, then being able to keep the truck straight and get it off the road safely, that takes experience and skill. Especially since you also had the trailer behind. Glad to see you are ok, except for the underwear change.

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Ah man that really sucks. Those big 425's always take half the hood off. We had the same thing happen to one of our RB dump trucks at work about 6 years ago. We put an aftermarket hood on it. I don't know if the old hood shell is out I'm the weeds yet or they pitched it, but if I remember right it had the passenger side blown off in case you were looking at repairing your hood. I guess one way of looking at it Bobo there is still some luck in this,thankfully you were able to keep it under control and bring it to a safe stop on the shoulder instead of the median or field, and you and everyone else around there at the time got to go home at the end of day.

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I can feel your pain. the same happened to me. I was heavy on a sat. morning and was going down a hill with a curve to the right and was hugging the white line when the drivers tire blew. took me acrossed the curve and onto the shoulder were 2 kids had just been on there dirt bike. thank god they moved. shredded the tire, tore off the fuel lines and blew the head lite bucket out. didn't hurt the hood. future inlaws came to my aid and we installed a 10.00x20 inplace of the 425 65 22.5. had to drive off the jack cause it wouldn't go low enough. that shit happens quick and scares the shit out of you. you did good keeping it upright and straight.


We the unwilling, Lead by the unqualified, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.

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