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Cant believe this sh*t


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Stupid. What about "live free or die". Are those just empty words now? And while I'm at it, my neighbor was cited and fined for not getting a permit from the city of Auburn Ga. to use his tractor and move some dirt around his yard, and further, This same named town of southern origin has declared my wife's six little hens to be a nuisance and ordered them removed from the property. The same town, mind you, in which resides the tracks for the CSX railroad, on which no less than 26 trains per day pass, blowing their horns past each of 5 crossings, and setting off a canine wailing frenzy. The quarry is a mile thru the woods and they blast regularly during the week. Trucks from the quarry, the concrete plant, the Boise lumber distribution center, and the other traffic on hwy 29 create a constant din. The county air port is 5 miles away and the air traffic on approach flies low overhead. And I support the rights of all these individuals to make noise in the process of conducting the commerce that is so vital to our community and our nation.But with all this noise, How The Hell Did They Even Hear These Chickens! Now we have taken our battle to the Georgia legislature, in the form of House bill 853, The Right To Grow Act.We don't have money to pay lobbyists to influence the representatives on our behalf, unlike the Georgia Municipal Association, A group of municipalities, including the above named Auburn, Who are using our tax dollars to pay lobbyists to influence legislation in opposition to us ordinary citizens,so they can keep control of us,"the rabble".Well I say" Piss on em, and Piss on their laws, WE Are Citizens, Not Subjects! There , thanks for letting me get that out. Resume safe speed.

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I never thought this would get like this in the Northeast, but there are too many granolla's moving up here. It used to be guns were for hunting, fists were for fighting. If a fight was going on in a bar parking lot, it was a fist fight, chances are both boys/men had guns in their trucks but those thoughts never crossed their minds, the loser got up, got in his truck and went home.Now I don't know what the youth are thinking anymore.

What this guy did was what any mature capable gun handler would do. I see absolutly nothing wrong with what he did. He handled himself like a level headed citizen, someone you want in your neighborhood.

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Goes along with this madness!! Former Marine Ryan Jerome obeying the laws is arrested. Paul



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That's the bad part, you can only "Fire" your gun in defense of your life. Any other use is a felony. Stupid crap, but it's the law. This is a typical scenario and needs to be addressed. After taking my CCW course I understand the fine line you have to walk when using a gun.

The robber was not in "his" home, so that is one issue. He fired a weapon, that's another issue. The guy with the gun was outside and not in any immediate danger, that is an issue. It was for a good outcome, but you still have to follow the laws. Only on TV do you get to fire a warning shot.

It sucks, and I hope he able to stay out of jail.



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I wonder whatever happened to Bernard Goetz (I think that's how it's spelled)? He's the guy that shot some thugs that tried to mug him on the subway and they arrested him, plus one of his attackers that he wounded and paralized was suing him. I think he got just what he deserved, he won't mug anybody again. And they ought to put a big statue of ol' Bernie in all the subway stations.

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