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  1. 1960 B75T

    All thst truck needs is a TX plate on the front!
  2. Took gasser out of our B42. 108k original miles ran great except water pump weeping. Complete intake to pan been sitting inside for 1 year. Make offer, located in East TX. Also, hood and cab off our 1965 B-75. Radiator is rotten just hate to see it go to waste. Make offer and we will see. Can text pics if interested. Floorboard was cut up pretty bad when took out trans.
  3. Mack on ebay

    Might need a trailer, tires are probably dry rotted!
  4. Otherdog type GMC

    Bet that short thing rode rough! Real truckers back then.
  5. I sooooooooo wanna do this

    Lots of folks would look up from their phone, see that and crash!
  6. Trucking News: Mid-America Trucking Show Drawing Near

    Can you get pretty good deals at the truck shows? I have always wondered if it is worth the time or should one just get online and buy goods.
  7. If she was the kind of woman who wouldn't burn a Mack he might still be with her.
  8. Street Rod B

    I think it's not a big deal to customize the truck however you like. The b model cab, when coming down the road, will never be mistaken for anything but pure MACK.
  9. Free Gift from the IRS:

    Sounds like another brilliant way to spend our tax dollars
  10. My dad had a western grill R model when I was little, always liked them.
  11. Extreme Party Mack - on ebay

    That is awsome!
  12. Wish me luck (not bad)

    One of my best friends did the same thing a few years back. He is probably doing better than anyone I know as far as money earned as a 'company driver'. I believe that as long as you are a detail oriented person, one who does not try to hurry all the time it will be a great move! Remember, our main goal is to take care of our families, doesn't matter how we do it. Good Luck!
  13. Waiting on Daytona/ planning mack rebuild

    Like a western hauler bed, cool. Talking about it might be more fun than actually putting it together.
  14. I hate to sound like on of those pissed off truck drivers but it is getting out of control. I have got a DOT guy who goes to my church to give me an inspection when i know everything is right, just to offset silly warnings I get over the road somewhere. If you log all of the time we spend up under the truck on the weekend (which you are supposed to do) getting them ready to run we wouldn't even have any hours left to run during the week. I am not trying to be an outlaw, just want to feed my family.