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  1. i remember Tower Lines out of Wheeling WV ran H-models in the 50's and 60's
  2. I was in Weirton last weekend visiting family. I used to work at Weirton Steel.I'm glad to hear it going to a good home.
  3. Beautiful wife , great looking Mack, I believe you're the luckiest guy in town Ray!
  4. leaving in the AM from Duluth Ga. should arrive tomorrow evening. first time at Macungie also.
  5. looks like the truck which will remain unnamed is working out Ray. Good luck.
  6. Was that the Market Street bridge in Steubenville Ohio. Back in the 70s I learned to drive a B model with a quad box hauling coal out of the strip mines around the Rayland, Ohio area for Chic Provenzano in Follansbee WV. Used to be a lot of heavy truck traffic across that bridge. It was skinny and tight in a truck and the metal grate floor made it slick on a motorcycle. One day some one put up a sign on the west virginia side that said " Ohio closed today"
  7. Agree with MHFred, Safelite, Binswanger, or Pilkington Classics should have the glass. Post back if you need help.
  8. I got mine at cvs. It was complete including drug screen , eye and hearing, blood sugar etc. Yes, big pita, wasted a day, under 100 bucks, then fax to state of ga. good for another year.
  9. I was driving for Munson Transportation in 1990 and as I approached the GWB there was a fairly new Frieghtliner conventional with a reefer parked in a little pulloff just before the bridge. The left front tire was flat, it was the only wheel left on the tractor and trailer, also missing were the hood , the engine, the reefer unit and, of course ,the trailer was empty.
  10. Check out the latest WOT. Guy put a big sleeper on a peterbilt and calls it an rv.
  11. That would look good behind an H model.
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