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  1. google and facebook have their dirty little fingers into everything.
  2. 2-5 means SELL and 3-5 means IT, trust me, two years on the road in an 05 and never without a code.
  3. thanks, 93 miles away right now, may be back next week, I hope
  4. Where is the show, I may be in Md. or Pa. this week end?
  5. Insane!!! imagine if the mirrors were on the doors like they used to be, heated and electric I'm sure, you could buy a new car for what doors cost. I can't imagine how he felt that morning. My dream truck, but I didn't do it, HONEST!!
  6. First off, I'm not your buddy, Thank God!!! Seems you know pretty much everything there is to know. I'm sure life does get boring and probably rather miserable when you have all the knowledge and seen all there is to see, so I understand your condition. Why anyone would do a complete year to date study on Mack sleepers is beyond me, but then again, what do I know? Hold on a second......yep, it pulls out, it's box shaped with a bottom, on drawer slides and it holds stuff and slides back in. It does have a cover that needs to be lifted to put things in it, but that cover works great for writing, and it keeps my 3 months of receipts from falling out the back of the DRAWER and going behind the FACTORY refrigerator and freezer. Clever, a duel purpose DRAWER. If you can only come on here and insult people, why bother wasting your time? Write a book on??? Well.....anything and everything!!!! Typed from the 70 inch mid roof sleeper with a DRAWER, hanging cabinet, shelves on both sides with, plastic baskets to hold supplies, and a microwave installed under the one on the passengers side, a corner shelf with a scan, copy, printer that has a paper shelf underneath, while enjoying the X long twin mattress and cross ventilation from the windows with screens placed up high to pull the heat out and the louvers placed low for cooler air, while typing on my laptop on the counter above the DRAWER. My cup is 1/2 full.
  7. J, that disk looks like a find, I think I'll order it, thanks TruckinJ I found a nice 8-211 on fleabay, thanks, if you find the numbers on the shop repair manuals let me know, thanks,Mark
  8. Wow, what a show of incredible trucks. He likes GMC and International. He has another yard? You going? Great picks even enlarged, thanks
  9. I looked on ebay till I fell asleep last night. 06 07 would be ok too, probably has the upgrades, cd would be fine.
  10. engine, electrical, anything to do with the emission and sensor garbage they put on em now. I wouldn't mind a whole set like they had for the older ones, they must make them for this year.
  11. I thought I read it was going from NY to Bridgeport, CT that's why the directions leaving there and going north. I figured getting there was no biggy. Guess I wasn't paying attention, that's why I'm always lost.
  12. 2005 Mack CXN613: Anyone have a set for sale, know the number of the set, so I can look on line, or know of a set for sale? thanks,Mark
  13. Looks like 495 to 295 across the Throggs neck to 95 north, NY your going to have escorts and cops involved, and then you have to deal with Ct., they love oversize. We usually go around Ct. going north or south of NY and CT, 81 to 84 to 87 to 90 to 495 to 95 just because Ct. dot, watch their axle laws they have their own. Bid high, real high, no one likes to go into NY.
  14. You know this is on the net forever, we need to put a disclaimer on this thread, or we are going to have some messed up tractor collector.
  15. You must be thinking of the Oliver tractor company, they stopped the fenders and canvas in 61, Internation was late on that move and lost a lot of sales, they changed in 64 to a hard top. The fenders were an option till 65 as J said
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