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  1. Green Dash now I have code 2-5 Front Drive Axle Oil Temp Sensor and 3-5 Engine Brake Output #1. Not getting fuel to fuel pump either.
  2. Thanks Hatcity. Trying your suggestions today. Right now not getting fuel to the fuel pump. Can bleed air through just not fuel.
  3. I now have found codes 2-5 and 3-5. I have driven everything from a Volvo, Freightliner to Peterbilt. This is my newest truck 2004 Mack. Electrical problems are new to me. Any suggestions on these codes and how to fix them.
  4. I have a code 25. Any idea what that means?
  5. I recently bought a 2004 Mack Vision. Can anyone tell me if the fuel transfer pump electric or manual? Where is it located? Is there a fuse for it and where it is located. My truck will turn over but not start. No smoke.
  6. I just recently bought a 2004 Mack Vision. Engine turns over but does not start. Anyone have this issue in the past?
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