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There was one N series aerial ladder truck that served in our area, and the truck is still around, however they refurbed the truck in the 70's and put on an international CO9070 cab. I may come up with a picture of the truck if you need to see the cab, the rest of the body was built as the aerial ladder body and was built by Mack in Allentown PA.


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When i worked for the mack dealer here in the 60s there was some that came in some times and i remember looking at one next to a ford. The cabs you could tell was built by the same co but was a different cag to some degree. Some heavy metal in the front i i remember right and the frame work in the front was different. I was told but would like to know for sure why mack used that cab.

glenn akers

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If you can find a copy of "Mack Tilt Cab Fire Apparatus" by John Malecky

(1988) there is a section on Mack "N" model fire apparatus. Included is

a picture of the only "N" model ladder truck built by Mack; it was

delivered to Marcus Hook, PA in 1962. Also the Mack fire apparatus books

by Harvey Eckart include several pictures of "N" model apparatus.

Most "N" fire trucks were built by other manufacturers on commercial


Whenever I read about "N" models most refer to the Ford cab. However, the

Mack and the Ford models were separate trucks which each used a cab that

was built by the Budd Company. The Public Works Department in my city once

ran a fleet of Mack "N" model rubbish packers. Wish I had taken a few pictures

back then.

The green Mack is from the "EU" family such as an "EHU" or "EMU". The "U"

designated a cabover or "traffic type" version of an "E" model truck.

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I think it was Budd Company that made the cab for both Ford C Model and Mack N Model. All the Ford C Models did not have a doghouse where the Mack N Models had a large doghouse to cover engine. Ford offered a small fiberglass sleeper option. I have never seen a N Model Mack with a sleeper not to say it wasn't avaible option. Both had heavy options as tandems and double frames. Joe D.

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Theakers2 I always heard that Mack had a fire at one of their plants so they started using Budd (N Model) Cab.I heard this story about 30 or more years ago. Do not know if any truth to it. Joe D.

I think i hear when working at Mack that the cab plant that built the G model was the one that had a fire. And the best that i remember but may be wrong but i think the N had a sleeper built in some of the ones i saw. I think that i can only remembr seeing in preson 2 trucks.Saw a lot of G models then and the H model was still around also. The f model was a ever day thing to work on. I wish i had a cammera back when i was young.

glenn akers

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The cab was Ford's design, Ford had it built by Budd. It has been common for truck manufacturers to have another company build thier cabs. The Ford Louiville cab was also built by Budd for a time. Tne Mack B model cab was built in Ohio by I think Orrville. Many of the cab builders were in Ohio. It was once also common for auto makers to have car bodies built by a different manufacturer.

Mack bought the C model cab from Ford. It was also very common for truck manufacturers to buy cabs from a different truck manufacturer. The International L/R model cab was used on about 8 different kinds of trucks.

Speaking of the Mack G, it is unusual that Mack built that low production cab, while having someone else build the high volume B cab.

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