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  1. Nice video but it could use some work with pictures and descriptions.
  2. They didn't produce any of those in 1975 that is a M39 series 5 ton they stopped making them in the late sixties. If it says 1975 on the plate in the truck it might be a rebuilt Vietnam return. A bunch of them were sent from Vietnam to Taiwan and new plates installed, it should be a M54A1 with a Mack motor. It is a good looking truck if you find the hood number post it and I will try to get it's history. It could be a very historic if was a guntruck.
  3. This is my military vehicle M756A2 restored last year.
  4. The M38 has a tailgate it's just bolted closed and the spare tire covers it. The M38A1 has no tailgate.
  5. It's funny the M37's we get are all from the 50's no 60's models to be found. Ranchhopper if you need parts for that CUCV just message me.
  6. Yes my Son's 1952 M37 and the 1978 M151A2 belongs to my other Son, they sell military truck parts.
  7. We've got some of that stuff.
  8. Usually a Cat 3208 and a automatic
  9. The S2200 has a wider cab than the 4900.
  10. Round headlights are available on RD's
  11. Wow I have not seen that superliner in years but knew it immediately! It was Pizzagalli construction's driven by a guy named Sandy, I changed some tires on it when I worked at Reilly tire in South Burlington.
  12. Does that have wedge brakes? It looks like a truck that was at George Moore Truck in Keeseville NY, if it is the same truck it was kept inside for many years.
  13. I have an RTOO 9513 in my 1973 Ford LT9000. I bought it in June and it had a regular 13 speed shift pattern on the knob, it took me about a half mile to figure out something was up! I flipped down the sunvisor and it had the box shift pattern which takes a bit to get used to.
  14. I remember watching that with my kids when they were little. Some stuff filmed in Vermont, Dubois Const. Hill Martin and Lafayette Sheldon. The Sheldon family also owned Vermont Mack now Sheldon Trucks.