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Pictures of the Week

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Well, back to the regular routine, here's some pictures of the week- I saw the grinch on a roof.


Here's some chicken leg quarters and a piece of pork loin that I saw on the smoker today.


I just wanted to smoke something on that smoker, so I picked up the leg quarters and pork loin at the Food Lion in Rustburg on the way back from the dentist in Appomattox yesterday. It is a great smoker-cccccc31894.jpg.f9182dbffb6f92ce6035d43305ea6826.jpg

I've cooked a lot of delicious things in the old "smoke shed" as I call it.



it was certainly money well spent...but ever since I got the Pit Barrel Cooker that's been my "go to" smoker, it's just so versatile.


You can cook on a rack-


or hang from hooks- like this whole turkey. And I have cooked 8 racks of ribs at once in it before.


...or get the hinged grate and do both at the same time. Speaking of racks, here's a girl in a car-


And on a sad note, the little arrow head cat died. We have no idea why, she was perfectly healthy, at least she appeared to be, and the other morning she was laying on the bed looking out of the window. Then a minute later she was laying under the kitchen table dead. No clue as to why, or what happened, just that quick she was dead.


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1 hour ago, Hayseed said:

When I Die that's how I want to Do it... None of this been sick/unhealthy for Months/Years............


Not that I will have any say in the Matter...😥

So true. I always said I'd like to go out like my Daddy did- he told Ma he didn't feel good and was going to bed. Then she heard him hit the floor in the bedroom, gone, just like that. Unlike my wife who suffered with cancer for two years. Not that we have any say in the matter...

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Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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15 minutes ago, Freightrain said:

My mother tried to plan her death down to the letter.  Too bad it doesn't work that way.  3 yrs in nursing home, she was miserable and just wanted to be done.  It was a relief for all of us on that final day.

I know what you mean there.  Mine did not take that long, but it was miserable seeing her like that.

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Sorry to hear about the cat. Probably it was just the time for her to travel to cats heaven. Sure nobody knows for sure. 

The legs and breasts look very attractive. Real mouth water makers!

And that wooden thingy partly closed by the bush - isn't that a ladder Mr.Grinch used to crawl onto the roof??

Thanks for posting.

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4 hours ago, High Binder said:

I think I need to start buying my gas at Winfall. "Lord have Mercy", as the old saying goes, "Mommy come get your young'n, he's eat'n dirt".

I saw this girl in a truck when I was leaving. She asked me if I would jump her, so I guess the truck wouldn't start. I had my jumper cables in the trunk too, but I told her I didn't have time because the dogs were home by themselves.


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Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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