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Best of Biden

Mack Technician

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so "My Pillow" has been removed from retailers like Kohl's and Bed Bath and beyond, because Mike said there was fraud in the election process..... ( that enabled Kamala to win, I mean Biden, no wait... Obama, to win a third term)...  It is amazing that there are so many "Wimp's" that own huge business's... What the heck is going on?  Why is the Jackass's ass getting kissed at every turn?

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O.D.  It's a shame that this happens at Bill's.. That stop is 15 minutes north of my house. But then again, it's a new normal. My wife works for Chewy in Salisbury, and she has been promoted 3 times. she has earned 4 raises as well, all in 13 months..  My wife is Older than 50... hint hint, (just in case she see's this)  :) Point is., this Co. has a high enough turnover, that they over hire and always advertise for job openings... Young'ins are friggin slack!.. For Real... Then, here comes my Wife, someone who knows how to work..  She' Tough!  jojo

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