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1995 midliner rotors

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So... I've a cracked rotor on my 1995 ms200p.

I've been scouring the internet and calling places for a couple weeks now trying to get replacements. The local Mack dealer (TEC) said there are none available and if there were.....900 bucks each.

Aftermarket parts seem to be vapor. neither the bendix number or the centric number come up with anything.

 The Mack guy looked and found a number different than the centric catalog said, but I think he transposed the 5 with a 2. I ordered 2 of them anyway, on the off chance (lol)

I've fired off emails to a couple scrap yards with no replies.

So I've either got to find an alternative source, and alternative part, or an alternative axle.

Posting to see if maybe anyoine has some insight or ideas for me.

Thanks in advance...



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model is ms200p

part numbers i have are:

mack 4103-5000447543

bendix e12587008

centric 120.82003

The Guy at TEC (Bill) gave me a centric part number 120.85003, but I'm pretty sure he transposed the 5 instead of the 2,. I ordered them, they came today, definitely wrong.

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6 hours ago, kscarbel2 said:

Go aftermarket.

Assuming that RVI number is correct, call a large aftermarket distributor in Europe.

Google 5000447543.

eg.   https://www.eurorecambio.com/industrial/Disco-de-freno-Renault-5000447543_7916053_gp

Fired off an email, thanks. 

I ordered some used rotors today, for a 90. Shows the same part number. 

As long as they're ok, I've got something to go on at least. 

I got the wheel off today, the caliper is seized. Phenolic resin Pistons. Gross. 

So I have more parts ordered now too. 


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Well I don't have enough experience to say one way or the other. but I can tell you not being able to buy rotors is a pain in my ass. 

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So I got this thing all apart and I'm waiting for the rotors to show up. anybody got a good insight into what kind of Grease I should use on the wheel bearings in this thing? Same heavy duty disc brake number 2 lithium grease I use on cars and light trucks?


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