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how often to grease


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years ago before the market crashed and we worked alot more we greased 2 times a month. now we grease every few months. we work 5 days a week but not as crazy as before. when we do grease most of the fitting are still full and push no water or anything. i have a 2000 CL713 tri axle dump truck. 

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at least monthly...more if running in VERY dusty conditions or lots of heavy rain

all steering components-king pins upper and lower, front spring shackles,  all u-joints and slip shaft, brake slack adjusters and tube

dump may have one at the top and bottom of cylinder, also may have one/two at dump hinge

clutch throw out bearing too..one shot

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Grease is cheap compared to replacing prematurely worn parts. Best investment in my opinion is lots of grease and religiously change your oil. I’ve got a family member who I was visiting with the other day and he has over 24000 hours on one of his machines engines and it’s never been overhauled, doesn’t burn oil and the machine is used everyday and his piece of advice was oil changes every 200 hours religiously. 

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Heavy gunner that's  what grandpa used to say grease is cheaper  than parts.but some of the truvks I see in Illinois don't believe in grease or parts or walk arounds and on the guys bobtailng never see grease  on the fifth wheels  guys pulling  containers geeze

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